It has been a pleasure working with Adnan. He's diligent, patient, knowledgeable and a very good listener. He is more than your average Real Estate Agent. Because of his background and experience, he's able to see through faulty constructions, weak foundations, mold red flags and so much more. He sees past what looks like a pretty home. He's also very transparent and straightforward and has on more than one occasion stopped me from considering a home that would have been a bad investment. If you want someone who not only knows the lay of the land when it comes to homes across and beyond the GTA, but is also a knowledgeable contractor, Adnan is your guy.
- Haya Masood
Adnan is one of those professional who value and safeguard clients interests. He is highly knowledgable and an SME. Adnan’s approach of evaluating clients situation and their needs is commendable. I firmly believe he has solution for every one for any situation. He is doing a great work and I wish him all the very best.
- Faisal Arif
Adnan is an AMAZING agent!!. He helped me purchase my dream home at a great price. Adnan is very professional, timely and talented. HE GET THE JOB DONE.I hated the process of buying and selling a home because of my anxiety.Adnan was extremely patient with me, taking the time to explain every detail and allowing me to ask questions, until I understood & comfortable with every decision.Adnan goes above and beyond to make his clients happy because he's genuinely passionate about his work and care for all his clients. Look no further than Adnan for all your real estate questions. I recommend him 100%.Thanks for offering awesome service for me for over 5years .
- Ejeme Edo
We are grateful for Adnan and his team of experienced and efficient. His professionalism, expertise and excellent interpersonal skills to taking care of every need of the client first. I appreciate how well the whole team handled the sale in a coordinated and thoughtful way. He is definitely my go-to guy for anything real estate related.
- Anas Qazi
Great knowledge of GTA real estate market. It was a pleasure working him. He was able to quickly and efficiently find the perfect fit for us. I would strongly recommend reaching to him for expert advise on all things real estate.
- Adil Khan
Adnan has been extremely professional throughout the service. Through his experience he was able to get me a great deal for a property with a good price. If anyone is looking for advise on real estate then look no further than Adnan.
- Sarmad Rafi